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    Validation rule import

      Hi everyone.

      I am pretty new to FDM and would like to import the validation rule excel file using import xls in FDM. Please let me know the steps to perform this. There are lots of rules inside, so cannot rely on manual thing. Please help me in this regard. Thanks in advance.
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          You can export the Validation Rules to Excel using the Export to Excel icon. From there you can simply update the location name in the file (Partition) and then import back into the application. You will also need to update the upsnamed range to include any new rule rows you add. you cna do this using Name > Define and update the named range.
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            Thank a ton for your reply. Can you brief with me the steps. I took a export of one of validation rule, created a new validation group, and modified the validation group name in the excel export, location is still same. When I Import xls , it says import successful. But I didnt see any rule inside the new validation group I created. Correct me If I am doing wrong or missing anything. Thank you.
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              You would need to export out the Rules from the bottom pane and then update the Rule Group name in the file to the new Rule Group name.
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                I did exported the rules from bottom pane and changed the rule group name to new group and tried importing using import xls, still its not working. I am getting a message "Import successful' but didnt find any of the rules inside the rule group created. Do I need to change anything else in the validation rule export file?

                Thanks again for your reply.
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                  can you query the tBhvValRuleItem table in the database and see if the values are in there?