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    error message, Jinitiator

      I am getting the error message when trying to update my password on a government website, My Invoice. They finally updated the site to the newest Java. So after installing it on my computer and trying to log in I get the message "Install JInitiator or higher". I do not have a clue as to what this means. I have uninstalled and re-downloaded it 3 times. Their tech support I should "Uninstall all Jinitiator, Oracle jInitiator, and JRES2". I don't have that in my uninstall folder only Java. This OS is Vista.
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          It sounds like you are trying to run an Oracle Forms 10 based application, likely from Oracle EBusiness. If true, you will not be able to have Java 7 installed on your machine unless they (the owner of the site) patches their environment. For you, there are a couple of options:

          1. Contact the organization responsible for the site and report the problem.

          2. Uninstall Java 7 and install Java 6 - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index-jsp-138363.html

          3. If installing Java 6 doesn't correct the problem you may be out of luck because Oracle Jinitiator has been obsolete for many years and will not properly install or run on Vista or newer OSs.

          Regardless of what you decide to do, if this is a government web site, it would be a nice gesture for you to contact them and report this issue so they can correct it.
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            I will try this. I did exchange many emails with this government agency so they know that there is a problem but I will tell them that I contacted Oracle. This is the answer from my last contact with them.
            "Please suggest the customer work with their company's computer tech support personnel. They may have an issue with their java install (it may not be installed correctly), not have loaded the appropriate bit version(s) of Java to be compatible with their operating system and version bit of Internet Explorer being used, not have loaded the required DoD certificates, not have worked through and followed all of the instructions in the attached, etc. We just have no way to know how their system is set up and how their company requires it to be set up for them."

            We are a small business, there is no tech support and our set up is very basic. I asked if new DoD certificates had been issued since I have installed certificates a long time ago. I have not gotten a reply.
            Thank You. I will let you know.
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              This is the answer I got from XXXX

              "+Good morning Paula+

              +We have not issued new certificates but if you have updated your Java to 7 then you must re-install the certificates as originally advised. The attachment I originally provided are the instructions to get your computer functional with Java 7. The 2nd email is from our programmers who provided you more guidance. The final advice is to downgrade to Java 6 if your system will not function with 7. Other than that we have no other instructions to provide at this time. "+

              The 2nd email that they mention is the quote that I sent to you in my last email to you. I just cannot imagine why I am having this problem; I have been using this site, updating Java as needed for 10 years and have never had this happen. I have never had to reinstall the certificates either in all those years. I guess I will have to see what I have to do to reinstall the certificates.

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                Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                The problem is not necessarily about "certificates". It is about the JRE version. Unless their server side software is patched, you will not be able to use Java 7, regardless of their custom certificates. My recommendation is that you use Java 6 (1.6.0_45) in the mean time. Be sure to uninstall Java 7 before installing Java 6. Do not try to have both installed at the same time. Likely DFAS will need to contact Oracle for assistance if they can't figure it out.
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                  Well you are absolutely correct. I uninstalled Java 7 and reinstalled 6. It works just fine. DFAS definitely needs help and they were even sarcastic about it. Thank you.