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    SSD with DAP verification DES key


      I'm having a problem with personalizition of my SSD with DAP privilege. For verification I want to use DES key (16bytes)

      My steps:
      1. Select and authenticate ISD
      2. Install for install and make selectable for package A0000000035350, applet A000000003535041 with priveleges C0 and params 45
      3. Select and authenticate SSD with ISD secure channel keys
      4. Put new secure channel keys into SSD => SUCCESS
      5. Select and authenticate SSD with new secure channel keys
      6. Get state of SSD => 0x07 (SELECTABLE)
      7. Put DES key for DAP verification : keyVersion 0x11, key identifier 0x02 (as i found in ETSI TS 102 226).
      8. Get state of SSD => 0x07 (SELECTABLE). Oops, it must be 'PERSONALIZED'...

      I think i cannot make SSD state PERSONALIZED, because I set wrong keyVersion and ID.
      How can I make my SSD fully functional?

      Many thanks in advance!