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    Problems with Des/CBC/PKCS5Padding

      Hello, I'm working on a project for the university. It's about a Client FTP that sends crypted file content, with the server that has to do the decryption phase.
      The function of decrpytion reads the content from a file, decrypt it and sends it to the server, that has the function of decrypting and storing what it receives.

      I have to problems:
      1) For the encryption with DES, shall I read 8-byte a time from the file? In this case I have to use update() method for encryption, until I don't have the last block that is to encrypt with doFinal(). Then for the decryption shall I do the same things for the block, right?

      2) Do I have a good encrpytion if a load all the content of the file (that could be not 8-byte-multiple) into an array and then apply the doFinal()?