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    Error:  JPS-10702: The datasource jdbc/OPSSDBDS is not found


      I am receiving error ”Scanning of system policy failed. Reason oracle.security.jps.service.policystore.PolicyStoreException: JPS-10702: The datasource jdbc/OPSSDBDS is not found..“
      I have checked data source is running.

      I have also verified in EM that store type is Oracle database and its pointing to jdbc/OPSSDBDS

      any thought on this error ?

      It was working before but now i was doing some integration (oam-oim-ovd) stuff and thought of creating identity store in OAM but when i tried to login got above error.

      I have also checked
      ./wlst.sh /home/oracle/middlewareR2/iam/common/tools/configureSecurityStore.py -d /home/oracle/middlewareR2/user_projects/domains/base_domain/ -m validate
      Info: Data source is: opss-DBDS
      Info: Diagnostics data was saved to the credential store.
      Info: Validate operation has completed successfully.

      data source OPSSDBDS from WebLogic console
      is in running state. hence its working fine and i have target as Admin Server,oim,oam,soa server.

      there are no error in weblogic server as well

      Help Appreciated