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    Focus Problem

    Hank P.

      I have a Swing Application containing a JFXPanel and a OpenGL Window, aligned by a GridPane. The swing window is needed to embed the OpenGL Application (PTC CreoView - 3D Application).

      When i click into the opengl window, it gets the mouse and keyboard focus to rotate the 3D Model shown in the OpenGL Application.
      That's fine. But the problem is, if i go back into the JavaFX Part, the scroll and keyboard focus is not given back to the Java FX GUI.

      If i try to type something into a TextBox, or scroll with the wheel, it is not possible, but i clicking works!

      I tried to use requestFocus, but nothing works. Only switching to another App can get the focus back.

      I am using Windows 7 and JavaFX 2.2.5.

      Can anyone tell me what's going on with the Mouse and Keyboard Focus?