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    how to use shared shared dashboard

      Hi Experts,

      Hi i want to know the steps or procedures to make the reports in OBIEE (Presentation server) as user friendly.

      I had created a new interactive dashboard witha a new shared folder and assing full control to few users. Thru admin i created a report and published in shared dashboard.For accessing the report ,i had given all the necessarey permissions to the users as well .

      When i login as a another user and saw the shared dashboard area iam getting a blank screen.But the same is working when i loged in as Admin.

      Iam getting an error msg saying "Invalid item (unknown). Error Details Error Codes: OZHE32JN" its coming when i tried to open the report content using modify request option in edit dashboard page.

      I request any one to help me on this issue and the procedure to arrange the reports such that all the users will access them with out fail.

      All my reports are developed in sql using Direct DB request.

      Thank you all in adv.