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    Create internal orders does not work .

      We have upgraded to R12.1.3 from upgrade)

      Post upgrade we are not able to perform IR-ISO.
      Once the requisition is Created and approved, upon execution of Create internal orders is not interfacing the requisition to OM
      ie transferred_to_oe_flag = 'N', for all the requisition created. Please let me know if there are any specific profile options to be set pertaining to R12.

      The required setups for IR - ISO are existing.
      any help insight in this regard is welcom.
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          I am not sure if after upgrade this issue happens...however you can check the below

          1) If flag(Transfer to OE) is unchecked then run "Create Internal Orders" to transfer the same , check the log to confirm the same. If it is checked then from Diagonistics>Examine get the Requisition_Header_ID. Navigate to the particular OM responsibility, Orders, Returns>Import Orders>Corrections and query by the same in Orig_Sys_Document_Ref. If found then click on Errors, fix the same, go to Status, uncheck the Error checkbox and then Validate & Import

          2) If requisition header id is not found, then there could be an issue with the internal requistion because even in case of error transferred_to_oe_flag is updated. Check whether the internal locations are assigned to Ship-To Address under internal customer in both Shipping & Destination Organizations. After this update the transferred_to_oe_flag to 'N' in po_requisition_headers_all where segment1 = &Requistion_Number and run the Create Internal Orders program again from PO.