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    nxge driver issues on M5000

      Hi all,
      I have purchased for my M5000 server 2 dual 10 GbE fiber cards (PN:X1027A-Z) in a way to get the highest IO throughput betwwen the servers,
      when i went through the release notes(http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19882-01/html/E36396/E36396.html) and user guide (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19882-01/html/E22569/index.html) of the GbE card, Oracle recommends installing the nxge driver for this card so it can work properly in the server,
      before applying any driver, i tested my cards but the bandwidth was not getting more then 12 MB/s (if the cards are 10 G so i expect having a 1.25 GB/s)<<<
      i have downloaded and installed the nxge driver package (Patch number: 11847387, 10264309) as per the guides but that turned my servers into a panic cycle. i tried to remove the packages and install the older nxge from my solaris distribution but my server now cannot detect the fiber cards.
      any help will be appriciated please
      thank you
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          What solaris 10 release was installed.

          Panic look like this problem ( Solution and Work around provided also.) :

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            thanks Nik,
            i checked the release notes, my OS release is 10 u10 (8/11).
            i went through a long and time consuming process in order to install back the initial nxge driver so that solaris can detect again the dual 10GbE card. Finally i succeeded by doing a solaris upgrade using the same media (10 u10).
            I dont know why Oracle mentioned that we have to use that driver or why they didnt say it is specific for some old solaris versions and not the new ones, especially when the User guide document of this card is last updated on August2012!