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    Grouping in Bar Graphs

    Sashank Pappu
      Hi ,

      Could anyone please help me in resolving my problem . I have a requirement where i need to display grouped data in x-axis in a bar graph in webcenter application. Lets take an example where we have salary in y-axis and employees_id and Dept_id in x-axis . Now my requirement is that all the employees of particular department should be grouped under a its dept Id like all the employees (100,101,102) should be grouped over dept 10 and remaining should be grouped in dept 20 ,30 so on .

      I tried adding both dept and emp ids in x-axis and used group by clause but still its showing in emp-100,dept-10, emp-101,dept-10 in x-axis .

      Thank you,
      Sashank pappu
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          Bijesh Krishnadas
          In a bar graph, the series should be the same across groups. So if you have the same employees E1, E2, E3 in all of the departments D1, D2, D3 - then the employees form the Series and the departments form the Group. See the demo - http://jdevadf.oracle.com/adf-richclient-demo/faces/components/barGraph.jspx.

          I can't see how your data will fit this. However, you may get better answers over at the JDeveloper & ADF forum.