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    Can we assign a value to Bind Variable for ExecutewithParams from list item


      I have created a ADF Form with ExecutewithParams using EMP BC, that working perfectly fine . I have made the deptno as BindVar and when I run the Form and enter anyvalue and press a button , it working perfectly fine.

      Now I want a place a SelectOneChoice before this ExecutewithParams with a Deptno. and when I select a value from this it should be copied to BindVar

      I tried placing the #{bindings.Deptno1.attributeValue} in the input text used for executewithparams and added partial trigger, its working fine , value is getting copied but query is not working.
      This way I was trying to make a custom Search Form.

      Any idea how I can do this.

      This will solve my first question on ADF Forum :) placing two list Items and a input/output text. I am able to get hold of Cascading LOV, based on the selection I want to display values in some of the other items.