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    RMAN Backup script

      hi gurus,

      suppose we are keeping our rman backup on the tap. and after completion of the backup store team will remove the taps and keeps beside.

      now if we want to restore the database how we can ask to the storage team to which taps to be mount.

      how we can identify that we required all the tape to be mounted back again.

      I am fully confused while restoring the database every time. Please suggest your valuable points.

      i have another doubt also.

      before taking the backup of the database we can check the disk free space to store backups on the disk. but if we choose tape can we check the space on the tap also.?

      Thank you.
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          Oracle requires you to use a tape library program to write on tape, you do not write on tape directly.
          The tape library program should know where a tape is, and how it can be loaded, ideally there is a tape robot, which loads your tape.
          Also, the tape library program should know when to request a new tape.

          Even after 274 posts you have managed to post a question without any details:
          no four digit Oracle version, no information about your OS, no information about the tape manager you use.

          A more specific answer therefore is impossible.

          Sybrand Bakker
          Senior Oracle DBA
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            we can find all the backupsets with tag from v$backup_piece view, and ask storage team to restore related media.

            it applies from to latest version. i don't know about previous versions, sorry.
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