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    Validation for not deleting the nodes

      Can we create validation that should not allow users to delete any nodes.Instead the user should have an option to inactivate or activate it. And if the user inactivates any parent, all the children also should be inactivated.

      Do we have any option like it..can anyone please provide your suggestions.

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          The inactivate requirement won't have a direct solution as DRM only inactivates a Limb node when all its Leaf Nodes are Inactive and your req. is kinda exactly opposite :) , What i would suggest is take an export of the branch/branches of nodes you would want to inactivate and using an Action script change the Core.Inactive property of those nodes. :)

          The other requirement where you don't want users to delete nodes-

          - You Don't want any users to delete any node - In this case you can create a Formula class validation at Remove level and in the formula just write False .

          Assign this validation at the hierarchy level of the Hierarchy where you don't want delete/remove any node. This should solve your purpose. :)

          The other approach is where you only want specific users not to delete nodes and for that you will have implement it through Node Types.
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