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    JUnit test missing permissions

    Marc Otto

      Currently i am trying to get some JUnit test working to test the application module.

      I have downloaded the extensions and created a test suite, where i use the fixture class to get the application module. I use JDev

      However when i try to run a method that calls the database i get following error
      login 25ORA-29532: Java-kald afsluttet af ikke-fanget Java-undtagelse: java.security.AccessControlException: the Permission (java.net.SocketPermission localhost resolve) has not been granted to UL2. The PL/SQL to grant this is dbms_java.grant_permission( 'UL2', 'SYS:java.net.SocketPermission', 'localhost', 'resolve' )

      Why do i need to grant permission for the localhost?

      It seems wierd that I can run and test sql queries in VO's and not run the tests? (Meaning that i can go into a view Object and use the test/explain functionality with successfull outcome)

      Is there something that I am missing for JUnit testing the methods in the application module?