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    EPM Configuration Issue -

      I installed EPM on Windows 2008 Server Standard R2 64 bit.
      Installation was successful. Database also resides in the same machin
      In configuration tool, I choose the first step which is the Home Directory for EPM Oracle Instance ( I left the default of C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects )
      and EPM Oracle Instance name (epmsystem1). In the next steps, I see the title "Setup Shared Services and Registry Database Connection associated with the instance home".
      But, the option "Connect to a previously configured Shared Services Database" is preselected and this option and the other option "Perform First-Time configuration of Shared Services database"
      are both greyed out. Why? This is my first time install and configuration.

      Still I tried entering the Oracle Database Connection information, but the connection doesn't connect if I use the machine name. It works only when I mention "localhost".
      But then it gives me a message "EPMCFG:10372: The database doesn't contain Shared Services information", which is true since this is my first time configuring.
      How do I get the greyed out options enabled so that I can perform first time configuration of Shared Services.
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          Have you provided all the required privileges required for the database?

          You can try the following -

          1) Take a backup of the file reg.properties and delete the file found at <Middleware_home>\user_projects\epmsystem1\config\foundation\
          2) Try running the configurator again and check.

          You can also try the following -
          1) Launch command prompt.
          2) Navigate to EPM_ORACLE_HOME/common/config/version_number/
          3) Type in the command configtool.bat -enableRegTask and check if that works.

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            Thank you for the suggestions.

            Before I could read your reply, I uninstalled EPM and re-installed. After installation completed, I launched the Configurator from the last window, instead of launching it separately later. And it worked this time. All the configurations completed successfully.

            But now, I have different issues, I am not able to go to any URL including the Workspace URL. I get 401 error. When I run diagnostics tool, I get a lot of entries highlighted in red. Most of them under the category HTTP. I will post the entries later. I tried stopping EPM system and restarting many times but nothing helped.

            FYI... I deployed them all to Single Web Application Server (Web Logic) and when it asked for Web Server, I chose the WebLogic HTTP server which was the default option. IIS is also installed and services are running.
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              Did you perform the configuration of web seqver in the end?

              Also you can check the admin server console if the services started properly or not.

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                What if I want to reinstall the products and if the options have been greyed out and thus can't be checked out for next step


                I want to reinstall the EPM system products but the options are greyed out


                Thanks in Advance