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    Seibel Query help : -  Joining the 2 below queries into a single query.

      Hi Team

      I am new to Seibel and need help to join the below 2 queries into a single query .

      select x.x_msisdn, x.x_product_name, x.x_action, x.x_status_outcome, a.recovered_dt, x.x_amount, x.created, x.x_number_retries
      from siebel.cx_action x, siebel.s_asset a
      where a.row_id = x.x_asset_id


      select s.ORDER_NUM "o_n" , DECODE(FULFLMNT_STATUS_CD , 'Failed','Failed', s.STATUS_CD) "Order Status"
      from SIEBEL.s_order s

      The above 2 queries have to be merged to a single query . Pls Suggest .