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    how to determine whether a DG is fully redundant or in "degraded" mode?

    Artem Danielov - FlashGrid
      Have a DG in Normal Redundancy mode.
      If I take a disk offline then the DG state is "degraded" (using RAID terminology) because loss of another disk in another FG will lead to data loss.
      Similarly, after replacing a failed disk with a brand new one all seems to be good, but it still takes time to do rebalancing and there is exposure to data loss during that time.

      How can I reliably determine whether all the data in the DG are fully redundant (i.e. 2 copies) or some data might have only one copy at the moment?
      Want to make sure that when doing disk failure/recovery demo I don't fail a disk at a wrong time.

      Hope someone can educate me. Thanks!