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    Jaxws webservice Question?


      We have created a webservice that is been consumed by various clients, this webservice is build using JAXWS , we expose the WSDL to the clients from where they will create the respective SOAP request with username and password which will be passed to the webservice, the webservice will validate that and based on the will give the permission for the client to perform various transactions.
      The important thing is there are lot of webservice method call the client will make inorder to get the data which will be send as a SOAP message response. Hence whenever the client need certain data there are so many remote calls that will be made and hence there is so many back & forth communication that happens. In one of the scenario, there are 20 web service method call to complete the transactions. Because of these there is scalability and performance issues. We are using Weblogic 10.3 server and is running in a cluster environment. But still there is a lot of problems with the scalability and performance. How to make sure the performance is better? Or is there any way we are re-architecture it? Please let me know the opinion.