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    spw lang.msb not found on windows 7 64 bit

      Hi All,

      I have one sql plus utility bundled as part one application. Whenevr we need to querry the database, we use that. So, a oracle client installation is mandatory on the machine to work with this application.

      Recently, Oracle 11g client is installed on the machine. Actually i am choosing instant client installation. ORACLE_HOME is set properly.

      So, when i use this application (with the old sqlplus utility bundled with the application ) i am getting an error "spw<lang>.msb not found."


      When i use the sqlplus utility that comes by default with the 11g client installation i am able to connect to the database successfully.

      My doubts:

      1) Is the problem because of sql plus utility?
      2) there is one folder missing in the 11g client installation, "MESG", which contains the ".msb" files. some forums said these files are required. Is this the reason for error?
      That means, the old sqlplus utility requirs the .msb files but the new one not.

      My requirement:

      What ever the sql plus utility is bindled as part of the application, that should work.

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          Laurenz Albe
          You do not give us much detail (version numbers, operating system, how you installed the software, environment variables) so I can only give you general hints:
          - If you want to bundle sqlplus with a software you ship, that software should contain the complete Instant Client and set the environment so that the correct client is used.
          - The message "spw<lang>.msb not found." means that no appropriate Instant Client shared library is found, whereupon Oracle Client decides that this is not an Instant Client installation and starts looking for message files.
          In Instant Client the message files are contained in the Instant Client shared library (name depends on operating system and type of Instant Client).
          - ORACLE_HOME is not important for Instant Client to work. Are sqlplus and the installed client of the exact same version? What is your environment (in particular executable and shared library search path)?

          Laurenz Albe