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    How to enable field level security in CC&B

      Hi ,
      I want to use field level security in CC&B. My requirement is as below:
      I want to disable complete button in Field Activity page for certain users.

      So to achieve this functionality i am trying to use filed level security concept via user exit.The steps which i have followed is as below.

      1. I have created a security type and defined the authorization level.
      2. I have attached the appropriate application service to this security type.
      3. I have configured this security type and appropriate authorization level in application service of respective user groups.
      4. I have created a user exit(ext_faActionPanel.jsp) where i have wriiten the logic to disable the complte button based on the user and its authorization level.

      But it is not working as expected for me.

      Can anybody guide me whether i am doing right/wrong?? If so how can i achieve this functionality?

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          Hi, Field level security in CC&B doesn't apply to base screen buttons, such as "Complete" on FA screen - you can achieve your desired result by configuration only.

          Users who are allowed to complete and users who are not should be in separate User Groups - go to the User Group for the one that is not allowed to complete, and go to the CILOFACP Application Service and remove the Complete Access Mode by clicking on the minus sign. Users in this group will then not have the Complete button enabled on the screem.
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            Hi Friend,
            Thanx for your reply.But i think we can use field level security for it. I have read it in a Public Api>doc provided by oracle.Please refer below the portion of that doc.

            Field-level Security Client-Side User Exit Example
            Field level security information is exposed on the browser side.
            Use the following function to retrieve a user's field level security for a given service or Navigation Key:

            top.getFieldLevelSecurityInfo(serviceNameOrNavigationKey)  ---> returns an Object keyed by security type.

            The following example illustrates how to implement security for adjustment amount on the client.  In the example, User Group 1 is authorized to freeze adjustments less than $10,000, and User Group 2 can authorize any adjustment. We want to disable the Freeze button, if the user's security doesn't meet the condition. There is a security type ADJAMT defined for the Adjustment Maintenance.
            Refer to Field Level Security in the Administration Guide, Defining General Options chapter for information about the data setup.
            The following example code would be added to the extPreOnWindowLoad user exit:
            var secInfo = top.getFieldLevelSecurityInfo("adjustmentMaint");
            var adjAmtSecInfo = secInfo["ADJAMT"];
            *if (adjAmtSecInfo < "2" && parseFloat(model.getValue("ADJ_AMT")) > 10000 ) {*
            *     //disable the field*

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              The example does use an actual field, ADJ_AMT, perhaps this makes a difference.

              If all you are trying to do is allow access based on user, it's only necessary to configure the User Group Application Services correctly.
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                the logic you mentioned is correct, normally you should be able to disable the button by the logic that you have mentioned initially.

                If it is not working, then it should be something wrong in your Java script, verify every input or the value that you fetch in the java script, by displaying those values basically debug your code.
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                  Hi ,
                  Thanx for your reply.
                  Through user group we can provide only page level security not field level security.

                  In FA page you will find so many buttons like complete,HOLD,Pending and cancel.

                  So through user group how can you restrict a user so that only complete button will be disable for him.

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                    Through User Group, you can disable one or more of these buttons - if you go to Admin --> User Group -->, and search for the Field Activity Application Service (CILOFACP), you will see a grid with all the available actions, corresponding to the buttons on the screen - Add, Change, Cancel, Complete etc. Simply use the minus sign next to "Complete" to remove the button from the screen for the User Group.