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    Interactive report messages - translation

    Iris 314

      I'm trying to translate all of the interactive report messages, on Apex 4.2.
      I'm using this [http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37097_01/doc/doc.42/e35125/global_messages.htm] as a reference.

      I have several problems translating the help section of the interactive report.
      First of all, I can't seem to find all of the message names. The ones I couldn't find were:
      Sets the number of records to display per page.
      (regarding displaying certain number of rows per page)
      Format enable you to customize the display of the report. Format contains the following submenu:
          Control Break
          Group By
      (regarding format)
      You can define one Group By report per saved report. Once defined, you can switch between the group by and report views using links below the Search bar. To create a Group By report, you select:
          the columns on which to group (up to 3 columns can be selected)
          the columns to aggregate along with the function to be performed (average, sum, count, etc.)
          the columns to use for sorting (up to 3 columns can be selected along with direction and null sorting options)
      (regarding group by)

      And secondly, I have translated this message
          Select columns icon enables you to identify which column to search (or all).
          Text area enables you to enter case insensitive search criteria (wild card characters are implied).
          Go button executes the search.
          Reports displays alternate default and saved private or public reports.
          Actions Menu enables you to customize a report. See the sections that follow.
      using this message name: APEXIR_HELP_SEARCH_BAR.
      However, now I have two messages shown in that section: the original one, in English, and the translated one.

      Could someone please help me out?

      Thank you!