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    Question Licensing - Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack

      I have a question about the licensing of the Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack if anyone using it.
      It say that you can license by Named User Plus.
      What exactly is the Named User Plus license for this kind of product. Is it for the user that will use it for configuration and management (Physical person) or if we have to consider every server or service that will be registered in it as a user?

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          AFAIK, Management Pack licenses are linked to the licenses of the servers you are managing with OEM. For example, if you have a database server which is licensed using 4 cpu licenses, and you want to use the features provided by the LCM pack (or any other add-on pack) for that server, you need 4 cpu-based LCM licenses as well. If the server were licensed using 100 NUPs, you'd need 100 NUP-based licenses for the Management Pack. Suppose for example that you manage a database environment consisting of multiple servers, some of which are licensed on CPU metric, and others are licensed on NUP metric, and the total license count for that environment is 30 CPU + 800 NUP, you would then also need 30 CPU + 800 NUP based licenses for the Management Pack to use its features on all these servers.
          The number of persons using OEM, the number of CPUs in your OEM/GC management server, or the number of servers/services managed, are not relevant.