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    GL Date for PO Approval

      Hi All,

      When a PO is created on 28th March and submitted for approval.
      The PO has not been approved till 3rd of April but in the mean time the GL period is closed for 31st March.
      If the Approver approves the PO on 3rd March will it be approved or not? If not how to make it approved even the approver approvers it on 3rd March.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Hi Pramod,
          PO will definetly be approved...these is no condition like if GL period is closed it cannot be approved.
          only thing is that this PO transaction cannot be posted to GL for that March period...it should be moved to GL period in the April month.

          Please check.

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            Thank you Arif for confirming. I know this the PO should be approved.
            But when the user logged a call then I thought let me double check. May be if I miss something. Thank you for confirming once again. Infact I have asked the user to give me a PO so that I can investigate. I will post if there is a specific PO.