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    Can't create a true ADF Libray JAR FIle

      I created a Model project. Then created an ADF Library JAR File Deployment Project to deploy the jar to the file system.

      I then, created a separate project and tried to add the export jar file to it via a File System connection in the Resource Palette.

      But, when I right click on the jar file in the Resource Palette, I only see 2 options, "Open" and "Advanced Search".

      I expected to have an option to add the jar to the selected project.

      Now, I am able to add the jar to the Project if I go to the projects properites, then add the jar via the "Libraries and Classpath".

      Note that even the icon for the jar is different than those from other System Jar files (the bookshelf/library icon).

      The icon I see for my jar is hard to identify, sort of like a torch.

      So, what is going on?

      I have double and triple checked that my deployment profile is for an "ADF Library JAR File".

      I have deleted the default deployment profile and create a brand new one.

      Still, the same issue.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.