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    Patch set questions

      Hello Oracle professionals,

      I am having two questions regarding Oracle regular patchset. My questions are as follows:

      Why we do need to apply regular patchset? I.e. from t0 or to

      Are individual patches aggregated into a patchset?

      Thanks in advance
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          Why we do need to apply regular patchset? I.e. from t0 or to
          Oracle support period will end soon or has ended.
          security fixes

          and you can check
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            For any bug fixes, security updates, new release, out of support etc.
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              Also, Oracle support do provide patchset as per your requirement/issue taking care of any patch conflicts and making sure to handle multiple bugs.

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                Are individual patches aggregated into a patchset?

                for more information, read below

                Starting with the release of the patch set for Oracle Database 11g Release 2, Oracle Database patch sets are full installations of the Oracle Database software. Note the following changes with the new patch set packaging:

                     * Direct upgrades from previous releases (11.x, 10.x) to the most recent patch set are supported.

                     * Out-of-place patch set upgrades, in which you install the patch set into a new, separate Oracle home, are the best practices recommendation. In-place upgrades are supported but are not recommended.

                     * New installations consist of installing the most recent patch set, rather than installing a base release and then upgrading to a patch release.

                See Also:
                My Oracle Support note 1189783.1, "Important Changes to Oracle Database Patch Sets Starting With", available from the following URL: