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    DRM Export Issue


      I am having issue with the DRM Export v11 output.
      Earlier in v9, we used to generate the export and ftp to Datastage server without any issues. (with UTF-8 settings)

      Now in v11, with the same settings the output is embedded with junk characters that are only identifiable in unix using vi command.
      Has anyone faced this issue before and if yes, can you please share the root cause and solution.

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          Hi Shashank,

          With the latest patch .306 and a series of prior ones , its more like the Character encoding sets have started working in DRM and they will slip in special characters here and there, I have faced this with the latest releases of DRM.

          It would be advisable to use US ASCII encoding or Western European Windows.. that should solve your issue.

          If you have to make changes on all the exports and if they are too many in number then search xml tag


          and make sure the code page is 20127 which represents US ASCII.
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            Thanks, that was helpful

            I am facing one more issue, migrating from 9.3.3 to, the description of some nodes has been appeneded with ", in the beginning and end.
            Has anyone faced this issue while migrating.

            Thanks again for your help
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              The issue was resolved, it seems like it was user issue