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    Difference Between operators.

      What is difference between the following operators
      1. known/unknown
      2. currently known/ currently unknown
      3.it is known whether / it is unknown whether
      4.it is currently known whether /it is currently unknown whether
      5.currently certain/currently uncertain

      Are all of these valid and when to use which ?
      Note: the opm help does not give clear difference between all these operators.
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          Proving a goal can be returned as uncertain if the attribute values do not provide enough information to prove a goal.

          Unknown is when an attribute has no value such as when a question from an interview screen has not been asked yet.

          An attribute is uncertain when when a attribute that is populated from a question screen is left blank or unanswered.

          Yet an attribute is known when it has any value even uncertain. Perhaps the state of an attribute is expressed as known or unknown.

          I will let the experts speak more on above.

          A few helpful related sections of the User Guide are below:

          "Certain and known operator rule examples"

          "Decide whether to allow uncertain"

          "Understand partial knowledge of relationships"

          In the Developer's guide

          "Decide whether to allow uncertainty in user answers"

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