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    How to modify a jar file (lablediconbutton) just to add more gif images

      Hi all.

      I'm using Forms 11g Rel2 on a Window box.

      I have tested the lablediconbutton functionality and works ok. However I'd like to know how to add some additional gif files to the JAR.

      I already know how to place gif files in a JAR, but i'd like to know how to recreate a JAR file containing java classes (If it is different or no).

      Although i'm aware this forum does not attend or support PJC from http://forms.pjc.bean.over-blog.com/, this is indeed a generic question: how to recreate a JAR file containing java classes.


      - Do i unzip JAR file and simply place the gif images i want on the image directory (root) and JAR -cvf again?
      - Do i need to sign the JAR file (using sign_webtuil.bat)

      Please help .....!