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    How to find error msg is already there in a validatorbefore raising a error


      I have a program of type validator which is executing twice. For example assume that there is a piece of code which throws JboWarning if the 'if-condition' is true based on some parameters.
      For the first attempt the 'if-condition' will be true and raise a Warning message in the UI. As the program executes twice, for the 2nd attempt also it enters into the 'if-condition' and throws warning.
      So this way the warning is displaying twice.
      I want to know is there any method to find whether Error(or Warning) message is already there in a validator or not before raising next Error(or Warning).
      I checked some of the Error methods like hasErrorMsg(), getErrorMsgId() - they didnt server the purpose.

      Is there any way to achieve this for a validator.