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    DRM Action Script Log Issue


      I am facing a very strange issue.
      When I am running an action script that has around 20K or more records, I am unable to save the log file.
      Sometimes the Save Log window appears after 20-25 mins and sometimes it doesn't appear at all.
      It used to work fine in v9.

      Any help/suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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          Hi Shashank,

          Which version and release are you using? version upto the .305 release has this trouble, if i still remember well.

          .306 solves this issue.

          The only thing that could work is by breaking up the number of records into smaller chunks.

          One more thing which can try is ... Running the script from Batch client and see if the log file captures it. not sure about this one though if the log will capture the error records. Try out one record which you think would error out and see if the log file captures it.