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    Is a weblogic bridge is possible between a weblogic Queue and a AQ..??

      Hi All,

      My doubt is can we create a weblogic bridge between weblogic JMS and AQ.

      I have created a datasource for the AQ then in the deployment plan in outbound connection pool i have created a JNDi for the same AQ and in the datasource of it given the reference of the datasource created by me.

      Also i have created a weblogic jms queue and after that created a weblogic bridge to connect the weblogic jms queue and AQ but its throwing an error unable to connect to the target . I have double checked the configurations & tried enqueing the message to AQ , everything is fine & i am able to enqueue the message.

      So , my question is can we create a Bridge between them..?

      Thanks in advance.