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    Missing 'Fusion Web App' template in JDeveloper

      Hello all,
      I am new user of JDeveloper. I have installed Oracle JDeveloper 11g (Studio Edition Version ** for Linux).

      I tried to follow the "Getting Started" tutorial here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E18941_01/tutorials/jdtut_11r2_55/jdtut_11r2_55_1.html

      I want to develop a "*Fusion Web Application (ADF)*", but in the gallery of "New Application" *this template is missing*. Also "Java Desktop Application (ADF)" is missing too.

      I'm using the "Studio Developer" role and i already download all the updates from "Help -> Check for updates".
      In "Help -> About" there are:

      Studio Edition Version
      Build JDEVADF_11.

      Any help highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.