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    Failed to connect to DB - Audit Vault 12

    Gabriel Bonelli
      El job de audit vault que intenta recuperar las opciones de auditoria (Audit Settings) de la base a auditar, me da que no puede conectarse a la base.(Failed to connect to DB)

      Estoy hablando del punto "Step 1: Retrieve the Audit Settings from the Oracle Database"....

      Alguien puede ayudarme?


      el host esta registrado, el audit trail esta arriba y conecta bien, pero el job antes mencionado da error.....
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          Assuming you are using Audit Vault and Database Firewall 12.1, as the title of your post suggests, there could be a couple of issues to look at.

          First, please know that Audit Settings are retrieved not from the agent, but directly from the Audit Vault Server. So, you need to make sure that the Audit Vault Server can communicate with the Secured Target that you are retrieving Audit Settings from. This means that, if there is any network firewall between the two, you need to allow traffic on the listener port to flow.

          Second, you must make sure that the host specified in the Secured Target Location field is resolvable from the Audit Vault Server. If, for example, your Secured Target Location is something like "jdbc:oracle:thin:@//a.b.c.com:1521/mydb", then the AV Server needs to resolve a.b.c.com to an IP address. You usually do this by configuring DNS name resolution in the Admin GUI under Settings -> Services.

          Hope this helps.
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            Gabriel Bonelli
            5 Minuos antes de tu "Excelente Respuesta", lo habia resuelto.
            Efectivamente era iptables el que me bloqueaba el trafico desde Audit Vault Server, a la base.....

            Desde ya muchisimas gracias..

            Sigo jugando :)