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    target Host error

      When I open Host home page I get error message:

      oracle.jbo.TooManyObjectsExeption: JBO-25013: Too many
      objects match the primary key oracle.jbo.Kye[798 0
      UNKNOWN 537003012 UNKNOWN
      DA018E44DD2B08EEE044005056B03247 ].

      ADF_FACES-60097:For more information, please see the
      server`s error log for an entry beginning with:
      ADF_FACES-60096:Server Exeption during PPR, #6

      I have 6 hosts HP-UX IA64. 2 hosts whith this error. 4 working fine.
      I tried to remove and add host terget, agent reinstallation. Error still.

      How to fix it?