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    Add Show details items in PanelAccordian Dynamically

    Sai Kiran 89
      Hi All,

      I want to add ShowDetailItems in PanelAccordian Dynamically. Let me explain clearlly.

      i have one link like -- Comments(_4_) in this Comments is output text and 4 is link

      By clicking link i will get all the comments now i want to show each comment as one ShowDetailItem in PanelAccordian.

      here that Comments value will changes so i want to add them dynamically in PanelAccordian.

      Please provide me u r valuble suggestions and if possible provide code snippet also

      Thanks in Advance,
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          You can use af:iterator like this:
          <af:iterator id="it" value="#{bindings.yourVO.collectionModel}" var="row">
            <af:showDetailItem id="sd"  text=#{row.commentName}>
               <af:outputText value="#{row.comment}" id="ot19"/>
          if the comments are comming from list or map from backing bean and not from view object,
          you can use the iterator like this: