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    Some objects in sys schema not imported usinf full database import/export.

      Hello All,

      We need to migrate database from one server to new server using same database version 11g Release 2 ( We have some production objects in sys schema. We took full export using full=y and then import on new server using full=y. Other objects belonging to different tablespaces and users has successfully imported but production objects i.e table in sys schema not import.

      We used following commands for export and import:
      # exp system file=/u01/backup/orcl_full_exp.dmp log=/u01/backup/orcl_full_exp.log full=y statistics=none

      # imp system file=/u01/backup/orcl_full_exp.dmp log=/u01/backup/orcl_full_imp.log full=y ignore=y

      Kind Regards,