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    email notification

      When I import accounts using data loader client, a status email sent to me. But when I create/update account using web service 2.0, I'm not getting a status email. Is it possible to send me a notification email after the web service transaction like data loader import?
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          Charles Dubant[eFrontech]

          Unfortunately this is not possible.

          The explanation lies in the way you import :

          - When you import using the standard, you have a status by mail because you don't have any direct acknowledgement for your import in the application, you have to wait for the whole batch to be processed to have a status.

          - When you make a webservice call (query, insert, execute,...) then you have a XML response for each WS call you make with a status.
          If something went wrong, you have a XML response with the error code
          If everything is OK, you get the data you've asked for, if you insert data, you get the newly created object's ID, and so on...

          Let's imagine that you want to check the status of your webservices, then you have to check after every call programmatically in the tool which performs your WS calls (do it yourself in fact).

          Hope this answers your question,
          Charles DUBANT.