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    frozen security warning dialog

      I have applet which deploy through html on client side.
      After update jdk with jre to latest version - 1.6.0_45 i got problem with frozen security warning dialog. When applet is loaded then dialog appears and all buttons (Yes, No, More information) on dialog not respond to clicks.

      I did try to research which code is unsigned, but did not find the information how to do it. The only thing that I have found i can press 5 in java console but it do not output information that i need.

      I found that i can set in java control panel -> security -> hide warnings and run with protection, then dialog do not appear and applet runs normally.

      Do not understand if this not my applet initialize security warning dialog, why dialog is blocked and do not respond on user's clicks.

      If i use <applet> tag on the html page then security dialog do not appear and all work fine. If i include <applet> tag with JS into the html page then frozen security warning dialog appears.

      What is wrong with dialog?

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