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    Tutorial: Create and use a JAX-WS web service client ODS


      I attempting to use a specific WSDL following the tutorial to Create and use a JAX-WS web service client for Oracle Determinations Server. I am able to use the WSIMPORT tool to compile the client and the specific WSDL looks good. When I go to write the Java program to use the client all the import statements for all the com.oracle.determinations.server._10_4.simplebenefits.assess.types.* are not found. I have included the JAX-WS lib directory path in my classpath.

      My thought is I downloaded the JAX-WS reference application from the wrong place.. When I look in the directory path for it I find the activation.jar is missing from the ...\jaxws-ri\lib.

      I wanted to confirm this tutorial is up to date as I could not find the JAX-WS Reference Implementation Project at http://jax-ws.dev.java.net/ that is listed on the first page of the tutorial under Requirements to follow the tutorial.