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    Portal Scema Issue

      i am doing 10g iAS upgrade to 11g (

      as per Oracle upgrade doc
      it has mentioned not to create a separate portal 11G schema. In this document screenshot it is asking us to select only the "DISCOVERE" schema in RCU

      but when i am runing config.sh for forms/report/portal/discoverer ,server component also list Portal and later, on specify page it ask username/password for portal schema

      1- which portal schema password it is asking ==>OC4J_portal or portal:portal
      1- should i de-select portal on component page
      2- should i re-create portal schema using RCU
      3- should i provide the existing portal schema name from database. (but i dont know the password ,can i reset it)

      and as per oracle


      The only required schema for an Oracle Portal, Forms, Reports, and Discoverer upgrade is the Discoverer schema


      Please advise