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    BI Publisher LDAP settings wrong, no login possible. SuperUser not working

      Hello Guys,

      I changed the LDAP settings on the BI Publisher Administrator Page.
      Unfortunately I did not set a super user. Now I read on this site http://gerardnico.com/wiki/bip/admin_tab
      that I can modify the “xmlp-server-config.xml”. Which I did, I added the super user and mentioned there, changed
      the security model from LDAP to XDO and restartet the Admin Server (web logic) and the BI server.
      The problem is, I still cant login, neither with my admin user that worked before the LDAP changes nor with
      the new superuser.
      I assumed OC4J would restart with the BI Server. Have not found OC4J on my solaris machine yet.

      Is the turorial wrong? Is OC4J not restarted with the BI Server?

      I use OBI 11g.

      Thanks for help!