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    windows drawing improperly

      i use oracle as a desktop os for some reason. i have an nvidia 470. when i move my browser windows, I forget the term, but the windows draw improperly, like theyre cascading.

      its mildly annoying. i still havent found a good tutorial on installing nvidia drivers on oracle linux, but im sure if it can be done on centos, it can be done on oracle linux?

      unless its another issue.

      sorry if im being lazy by posting here but i thought id get right to the source.

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          You have encountered the main reason I do not recommend Oracle Linux as a laptop/desktop tool. Oracle Linux is tuned for current server hardware, not the video card of the day.

          Install Fedora, Solaris or (shudder) Windows, and then use VirtualBox [http://www.virtualbox.org] to run Oracle Linux as a guest O/S.