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    Unix Connector and Duplicate Accounts


      I have the unix connector working against a single Solaris server. By defalut the recon rule for non-trusted is to do nothing if the OIM account is not found.

      If I run the trusted unix job it will create OIM accounts for all the system accounts ( root, lp, uucp, sys, bin, ... ), that's okay, in fact, even desired...however, I also want to create OIM accounts for all the other system accounts on all the other Solaris servers...how do I configure the trusted connector to uniquely create OIM accounts (for example, root_$hostname or root_$ipaddress-of-target-solaris-server)?

      I realize this is not a standard action ... though OIM can easily gather all accounts/groups/privs from each target unix server for reporting purposes.

      Thoughts ... thanks for your time and idea.
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          what exactly you mean by 'trusted unix job'? are you mean trusted recon?

          (in context i assume..)
          Trusted recon is getting user information from HR source like HR system.
          It is usually single system. So unix account is not a right source for OIM and you should not run trusted recon against unix server.

          hope it help you..


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            Remembering that the Resource tab will be updated when the job is run against each unix server should be sufficient for my reporting needs.

            However, I need to figure out how to add an attribute for each resource that identifies the unix server hostname/ip address for each entry...thoughts.
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              4-6 Oracle Identity Manager Connector Guide for UNIX instructions should work for me....I can add an attribute for hostname and then add the retrieval command.