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    Explanation of SGD logging severity


      I have checked the SGD docs but it's not very clear. I need to troubleshoot problem that the SGD server throws error below in login.log after less than a day of run.

      The password for user was incorrect or has expired.
      Exception was: javax.naming.NamingException: Failed to get an LDAP connection
      at com.sco.tta.common.jndi.provider.ldap.LdapScopeState.getLdapContext(LdapScopeState.java:515)
      at com.sco.tta.common.jndi.provider.ldap.LdapMultiCtx.getLdapContext(LdapMultiCtx.java:803)
      at com.sco.tta.common.jndi.provider.ldap.LdapMultiCtx.lookupLink(LdapMultiCtx.java:139)
      at com.sco.jndi.toolkit.provider.BaseContext.lookup(BaseContext.java:1122)
      at com.sco.jndi.toolkit.provider.ToolkitContext.nns_lookup(ToolkitContext.java:2027)

      I'd like to find out which KDC it has trouble getting an LDAP connection from since i have two KDC specified in my krb5.conf file. I was hoping by enabling more verbose logging, it will tell me.

      The SGD docs say:
      "Selecting a severity level is not cumulative. For example, selecting info does not mean you also see warningerror or fatalerror log messages.

      To log more than one level of severity, use a wild card."

      So assuming "moreinfo" severity has more info but I don't want to miss errors either, does severity "*" show logs for ALL levels? Since I don't know what to expect for each level, I can't confirm this.

      Alternatively, is there a way to see which KDC server it binds to?

      Thank you!
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          If you set the severity to "*" it will show all log levels.

          To get more log info for LDAP/AD you can use the following filters:

          In SGD 4.60 and newer:


          In SGD 4.50 and before:


          Hope this helps

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