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    Requisition Import Error: Item is invalid or not purchasing-enabled for the

      Hi All -

      We've originally encountered the error:

      Destination organization is invalid or Receiving Parameters are missing

      Cause: You entered an invalid destination organization.

      Action: Enter a valid destination organization.

      But on further review, an error occurred after Requisition Import completed. I've gone through Purchasing/Receiving Options but I can't find this set-up. How can I activate the purchasing-enabled attribute for a supplier? Or how can I check if it's enabled for supplier by item?

      Error after Requisition Import Complete
      Item is invalid or not purchasing-enabled for the purchasing organization

      Cause: You entered an item that is invalid or not purchasing-enabled for the purchasing organization. This is required for a source type of 'Supplier'.

      Action: Enter a valid item that is purchasing-enabled for the purchasing organization.

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          Try running req import exception report

          Oracle Purchasing provides the Requisition Import Exceptions Report, which can be used to diagnose problems with the records, which have currently errored out in the PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE_ALL table. To run the report, follow these steps:

          1.Using Purchasing responsibility, navigate to Reports->Run
          2.Select the Requisition Import Exceptions Report
          There is a parameter titled 'Delete Exceptions'. If this is populated with 'Yes', then all records in the PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE_ALL table with a status of 'ERROR' and the corresponding records in the PO_INTERFACE_ERRORS will be deleted when the report is executed. You can also restrict the deleted records by selecting the Batch_id and the Interface Source code.

          If the parameter is set to No, then you will see the errors from the report and be able to manually fix the data in the table, if so desired; then, upon completion of the data correction, run Requisition Import again to process the modified rows in the interface table

          Just check in case if not already
          Item should contain list price in master org
          check if the purchasing item attributes are enabled
          item should have been assigned to item validation org which in most case will be the master org..or if it is different..by going to financial options supplier purchasing tab


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