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    Range datatype not rendering in IE10

    Scott Wesley
      Could anyone enlighten me as to why the following code does not render the HTML5 Range (slider) type in IE10 within an APEX application?
      <input type="range" name="f42" min=0 max=100 step=20>
      particularly when the example on this page does

      APEX example here

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          Hi Scott,

          If you open the developer toolbar, you will notice the document mode is: IE9 standards.

          Change this to: Standards and it works fine.

          I'm not very guru'ey in IE stuff, but there must be something in the template forcing it to go into IE9 mode. The hunt begins!
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            Couldn't find anything to suggest it should force ie9 standards.

            But adding the following to the page header seems to clear that and actually load in Standards mode.
            <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" >
            I do note that the apex builder pages are all loaded in IE9 Standards mode as well, which I find a little odd.

            It is worth checking out the following:

            *Note Edge mode is intended for testing purposes only; do not use it in a production environment.*
            Because it forces all pages to be opened in standards mode, regardless of the version of Internet Explorer, you might be tempted to use this for all pages viewed with Internet Explorer. Don't do this, as the X-UA-Compatible header is only supported starting with Windows Internet Explorer 8.
            Tip If you want all supported versions of Internet Explorer to open your pages in standards mode, use the HTML5 document type declaration, as shown in the earlier example.>

            Although, everywhere seems to suggest using edge mode (StackOverflow, etc)

            "IE=edge" tells Internet Explorer to use the highest mode available to that version of IE. Internet Explorer 8 can support up to IE8 modes, IE9 can support IE9 modes and so on.
            Edited by: trent

            Excuse all my edits! It looks like the !html5 test just below the opening head tag does not pass, which is where it should set browser mode to standards. I'd say just to take it out of there and put it in the if gte IE9 bit, so:
            <!--[if (gt IE 9)|!(IE)]><!--> <html lang="&BROWSER_LANGUAGE."><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">  <!--<![endif]-->
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              Scott Wesley
              Thanks Trent, from what I read I figured the issue would be something to do with those headers - but you've interpreted it nicely for me.