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    Customization of View User Details page - dates do not show

    Keith Smith AptecLLC
      I have extended the USR table to include a field USR_UDF_LASTUPDATEDDATE which is a date field in the USR table and is written to by my custom ICF connector during a Trusted Source Reconciliation task. The data in the field is being updated properly.

      I have added that field to the "View User Details" page which is what pops up after you search for users and then click on their login ID. I added that field to the Other Attributes panelFormLayout but it shows nothing. I have tried using the ADF Output Text w/Label and tried the ADF Output Formatted w/Label but neither shows the data. When I look also I am seeing that none of the date fields on this page display any data.

      The outputText or outputFormatted objects that are seen in the Source area are not editable. They are grayed out. The outputFormatted has no way to add a format so I don't know why it is even there.

      I suspect I will have to create a Managed Bean but I would prefer to not.

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