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    Some questions on Linux OBIEE

      Hi All,

      We are migrating our exisiting OBI application from Windows to Linux platform. OBIEE version is, OS is Linux x86-64, Red Hat Enterprise 6. Migration is successful but as a developer, I have following questions-

      1.     How to open catalog in offline mode with catalog manager? Oracle recommends to make any change through catalog manager in Offline mode only. But local client doesn’t provide offline option. I know it is a known bug but does that mean in Linux, we can't make offline changes in Catalog ?

      2.     What is the best approach for generating metadata dictionary folder?
      I can generate it in local system, but what is the approach for moving it to designated server folder (mentioned in config file) with correct permissions ?

      3.     How to migrate (a) some particular catalog folders (b) complete catalog from lower to higher linux environments?

      4.     How to migrate whole catalog folder using 7 zip from Win to Linux platforms ?

      5.     How to start/stop Admin server or other non EM services in linux?

      I am using FileZilla, Putty and installed BI Client Desktop tool for accessing Linux servers. It will be of great help if you can answer any of these questions.

      Thanks !

      Akshat Gaur