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    Reports of Activities with & without Contact Association

      Hi Everyone,
      I'm trying to create a report using the reporting object with all Activities with or without association with contact, the report will display a few fields from the activity & contact.

      The problem occurs after adding the first contact field, which result as an inner join, displaying only activities with contact.
      I want to create a report with outer join like.

      Can this be accomplish using Reporting or I have to use Activity History? how?

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          Charles Dubant[eFrontech]

          You should use the "Combined analysis" feature of Oracle CRM On Demand Reporting.

          This enables you to create a single dataset with the result of 2 or more reports data.

          I would do it with :
          1. A report which lists all the activities (activities only)
          2. A report in the "inner join" style that you created
          3. Combine the 2 in a Combined Analysis (duplicate lines will be merged if you select the UNION ALL attribute for your combined analysis)

          You end up with your Outer Join using pure standard Oracle CRM On Demand.

          Best regards,
          Charles DUBANT.