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    Issue with implementing Object Security in RPD (OBIEE 11g)

      Hello All,

      I am following these steps to implement Object Security, but it doesn't work. Please let me know what am I doing wrong here:

      1. I want to block a few presentation tables for the user 'weblogic'.
      2. I open the RPD in online mode and in the Identity Manager, for the application role 'BIAdministrator', I setup permissions 'no access' to these presentation tables. It asks me to 'Check Out' which I do.
      3. I check in the changes, save the RPD and deploy in back in EM.
      4. I login into OBIEE Answers using 'weblogic' user but alas these presentation tables are still available for me to use.

      I have tried looking for a solution on the internet before posting the solution here. Please don't ask me to read through the security setup guide because I have done that. Any specific answers are most welcome.

      Thanks in advance.